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Hey what's up? It's hard to believe this community's been around for three years now! I made this community when i was still in high school, and i'm sorry I haven't keep it updated with Bz info/promoted as much as it could be. What's up with all you guys/girls?

Anyway, the reason I posted is because I want to raise a question to B'z fans, mostly those from the old school who got into B'z when Loose came out, but it really applies to everyone that digs B'z;

Do you think B'z music is getting weaker?

Personally... I think so. Tak is the reason i picked up a guitar, so this is hard for me to say. After Eleven i thought "Will they stay in this more mature style?" and was uncertain of their future. When Green came out I was floored. I LOVED almost every track. So much energy in those songs, even the slow ones.

When "Yasi no Energy" and "It's Showtime" came out I was like "Why are they following up so soon?" The singles were good, but certainly not on par with those from Green. When the album came out I was really disappointed; I didn't like much of the music at all. Everyone slips up once and a while, but their newest material just doesn't excite me the way their other releases did. The single "Banzai" was pretty rockin' but I wasn't feeling "The Circle" at all.

So... what does everyone think? Am I an old timer or is old B'z better? Discuss ;)
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