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B'z News

So, since people seemed to be interested in having B'z news and such posted here, I thought I'd just pass on the cool stuff that I've heard about lately. Most of this I heard about first on the net party site, but I really only go there every few months because I just don't think about it, I'm not a big message board person now that LJ exists, you know? But since I DID bother go look recently, and found all sorts of cool stuff, I thought I'd share it with the rest of the people on here that probably haven't heard yet. ^_^

First off, B'z new single will be coming out on May 9th. The single will have two songs, Eien no Tsubasa (which is a theme for an upcoming movie that looks like it's possibly about WWII fighter pilots?) and Lonely Stars. If you go here you can hear clips of both songs. And here is the 2:40 length version of Eien no Tsubasa on youtube, with the music video that must have been released for the movie.

(Lonely Stars sounds awesome, but I'm not HUGE on power ballads, so Eien no Tsubasa isn't doing as much for me. At least, that's what I thought at first, but now that I've listened to Eien no Tsubasa more, it's really starting to grow on me, just like all their ballads tend to. XD Tho I'm still looking forward to Lonely Stars a lot more. It sounds a bit more original to me. Discuss?)

In other news, B'z also just did a new song called "Friction" for a racing game called "Burnout Dominator." From what I've heard, the song IS on the American release of the game as well (oooo I want it! XD) To download the song, go here! (If downloads aren't okay lemme know, but I figure since this doesn't appear to be something that'll be released on a B'z album, it's okay?)

Now for the last and possibly most awesome thing, if you go to this site you can watch the Osaka Namba Hatch concert! It's not the entire thing, at the beginning some of the songs are cut short, and it doesn't go through to the end, but what is there is awesome! This is totally the best concert I've seen (okay, I've only seen the dvds, not actually been to one, but still) because Koshi just seems WAY more into it than usual - which is saying a lot! Definitely check it out, it rocks. XD Watch it here! I believe this concert was a limited one, I've heard you could only get tickets by buying one of their CDs and 1000 or so of them had tickets in them... I'm so jealous of the Japanese fans that have these chances!

I guess that's it. Hope people enjoy some of this stuff as much as I have.

PS: In that concert there's an English version of "Home." I would kill for an mp3 of this!!! Does anyone know if this has been released or if there's any way to get it??? I'd be forever greatful~!
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