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Super Love Song PV

Super Love Song PV on Youtube

First off, YAY MORE B'Z!! And YAY rock!!! Don't get me wrong, the ballads are nice, but I love B'z doing rock, and this is a great rock song. Yum!

But then I really watch the video and I'm like "eyeliner and feathers..." XD;; I mean, B'z plays with the image and look a lot, that's fine (except for Tak's mullet, which is here to stay, thank god. XP)

The thing that kind of bugs me, though, is that Koshi's eyeliner (again I gigglesnort. Eyeliner and FEATHERS?!) is just kind of making his eyes look SMALLER. And then all of the face-shots in the video are just really fast or just PART of his face, and he's always doing the sort of angry yelling face (which okay, can be hot in and of itself) but it really makes me wonder.

Super Love Song sounds like it should be an upbeat and positive song, but Koshi looks like an angry / not happy visual-kei man. Someone wanna give me a clue as to if that's on purpose, or if it's just... the look for the video? XD;;

Also, Shane is on drums looking badass as ever, but who's on the bass? (That is bass, right? Since Tak plays guitar, not bass, so it must be? I can't tell from looking. >_>;;) I should know these things, but I don't. ;-;

Basically, I'm just sort of amused by the visual-kei-ness of this all, and sort of sad we didn't get better shots of Koshi's face (or Tak's for that matter!) and all... >_> But that's because I'm a dirty fangirl. I'm just sad that the one time we get to see Koshi all done up in makeup it's not really... very flattering for him, I think. :\ But really, why with the eyeliner if it's not gonna look better on him or if they're not gonna go for the super-sexy face images? I thought "Aha, I can get people that like visual-kei into B'z now right?" but I don't know that they'd like it 'cause he looks a bit LESS hot than usual I think...

...then again I'm not a visual-kei fan so maybe they'd like this? XD;;

The song ROCKS tho!! I love it! Can't wait for the big new CD~!!!! Sorry, not trying to bitch, I really am in love with the song!!! It's fantastic!!!! I just have to nit-pick and I figure this is a good a place as any? XD;;

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