B'z LPs?

 Have there ever been any vinyls released by B'z? I've been collecting records and I would looooove to have some B'z LPs!!! 

Does anyone know how common putting out vinyls is in Japan? I was there in August and I was able to find some Hide / X-Japan ones in a huge CD store, but only a few, and they were re-releases of old stuff (obvsly.) 

Are there any good J-pop / J-rock vinyls you recommend? :D

selling b'z splash single

hi b'z fans
i m selling my b'z splash single its brand new for 6.50$ . its a japanese import . please check

i ship directly from US.i can combine shipping if you order more than 1 item. i accept conceal cash,money order and paypal.
please pm me if you are interrested or have additional questions :-)


New Japanese Metal and Hard Rock Community!

I know a lot of B'z fans (me for example) are also into Japanese metal, so if that's you, check it out! (Feel free to delete this if community promo isn't OK here.)


Your Japanese Metal and Hard Rock Joint!

Sick of wading through shrieking visual kei fans just to have a decent discussion of Japanese metal or hard rock? We feel your pain. Want to talk about the Western rock and metal bands that inspired your Japanese faves? That's cool here too.
No matter whether you're into the old metal classics or today's heavy rock, been in the scene for years or brand-new and curious, fan of one band or many-- come rock with us!

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B'z 20th Anniversary: Ultra Pleasure & Treasure

For their 20th anniversary this year, B'z is releasing two new 'best of' albums, Ultra Pleasure and Ultra Treasure. Ultra Pleasure is now available for pre-order. AND for pre-orders you can opt for the special edition release of Ultra Pleasure, which is not only the two CDs, but also a DVD of never-before-released Live Gyms!!!

You can buy the Special Edition version here

And the regular CD version here

Here is the track listing from "Ultra Pleasure"

You can now vote for your favorite three songs that haven't already been put on Ultra Pleasure for what will then go on Ultra Treasure. IT WAS SO HARD TO CHOOSE. D:

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New Single: Burn

Haha someone already posted the PV... awesome. XD Well here's some more stuff...

There are previews of the other two songs on the single here.

So awesome~!!!! So excited! XD; Yay B'z~!

I love the cover of the single, too... has anyone seen any larger scans of it? I really want to set it as my desktop image. XD;;
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Due out on 16 April, apparently.

I rather like it, although the video is cheesy as all hell. It's got FIRE! And EXPLOSIONS! And LIGHTNING! No shirtless Koshi though. My inner 16-year old can't have everything, apparently :P
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Hi im new at this community, and i have resently starting to lisening to this band. They make so cool music ^_^

But i wondering about some thing. Wher do i find theiy lyrics? And specially to their album Action. It's the same if it is in Romanjii or Kanji. I just want to read what they singing when im lisening to their song's. Hope anyone can help me...
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Action PreOrder on its way

Anyone else pre-order Action from CDJapan? I just got a confirmation that my CD shipped out today!!! Eeee! It's not released until 2 days from now, right? I guess they got it in time to ship a bit before the release date.

Any idea how long it'll take to arrive? I had it shipped on registered air mail, and I live in Colorado... all the email says is 4 - 12 days. Gah that's a long time. I hope it's closer to 4! XD;;

Also, sometimes CDs come with bonus items if you pre-order, at least in Japan, right? Will Action come with anything? Or is that just a special once-in-a-while deal?

Everyone else waiting anxiously? I know I am. XD
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